Sudoku Puzzle Packs App Reviews

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Cest très bien

Excellent Game

I love this game! There are some really tough puzzles and there are some easier ones, so whatever your skill level you will have a great time playing!


Challenging, easy way to fill time in a waiting room.

Suduko rocks

Great way to kill time! Its great!


Nice Job but i leed color


Keeps the brain workin.

Brain Workout

Use this on a daily basis to keep my brain in tip top shape. Good puzzles at all levels.

What a great challenge for keep mind fresh

My second time around to try do this game, but when my friend told some tricks to handle this games and I made it, It makes me keep on going to do more and more. I love it.


Love the game. This app provides lots of options for all levels of play. I would recommend this app to other sudoku players. It is fantastic!


Great way For learning how to play.

Lots of fun

Good game. lots of fun. definitely good if youve never played before. Will help you to understand how to play the game


Really fun


I luv this game. It is soooooo amazing!!!

Great game

Fun to play.

Love It

I learned to play hear. Now I love the game.


taught me how to play... now im hooked!!! best time killer ever!!! :)

Frozen on me

Funny how the game freezes on me after my first training session and now I cannot even send the bad review!!!!


I think this is a very exciting game to challenge your intelligence. I often play this game to calm down my nerves after a though day at work. I strongly recommend this game fir anyone looking forward to challenge their intelligence. Thank you and keep up the good job.


Top many questions between the game


Def will keep you busy for hours lol

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