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Sudoku Puzzle Packs app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1296 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Puzzle
Developer: Thumb Wizards
Current version: 3.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 19 Apr 2011
App size: 121.76 Mb

Introducing Sudoku Puzzle Packs!   Challenge your intellect by using your wits and skill to master Sudoku. Whether this is your first time playing Sudoku or if youre an experienced master, choose the puzzle pack thats right for you, or defeat them all! Choose from numerous colorful themes and great sound effects to match your personality to the game.  Defeat each puzzle and brag to your friends about how quickly you completed them.  If you love your iPhone and iPad this Sudoku game really makes it shine!


- 3 Variations of puzzle sizes ( 4x4 , 6x6 , 9x9 )
- 10 Colorful themes to personalize your puzzle loving personality.
- Use Pencil Marks to help remember different number possibilities.
- Cell Assist feature to help you get through the tough spots.
- Enhance Puzzle Grids
- Arcade Style Sounds
- Pause, Resume, & Restart puzzles with ease.
- Fastest times tracked for individual players.
- Game Center Integration


- Trainee Pack (Entry Level 4 X 4)
- Apprentice Pack (Variation 6 X 6)

- Tenderfoot (Easy 9 X 9)
- Skillful (Moderate 9 X 9)
- Arduous (Hard 9 X 9)
- Wizard (Expert 9 X 9)

Pros and cons of Sudoku Puzzle Packs app for iPhone and iPad

Sudoku Puzzle Packs app good for

I love this game! There are some really tough puzzles and there are some easier ones, so whatever your skill level you will have a great time playing!
Use this on a daily basis to keep my brain in tip top shape. Good puzzles at all levels.
Love the game. This app provides lots of options for all levels of play. I would recommend this app to other sudoku players. It is fantastic!
Good game. lots of fun. definitely good if youve never played before. Will help you to understand how to play the game
taught me how to play... now im hooked!!! best time killer ever!!! :)
I think this is a very exciting game to challenge your intelligence. I often play this game to calm down my nerves after a though day at work. I strongly recommend this game fir anyone looking forward to challenge their intelligence. Thank you and keep up the good job.

Some bad moments

Funny how the game freezes on me after my first training session and now I cannot even send the bad review!!!!
Love the way you grouped the puzzles into more & more challenging levels. But, more than that the way you display digits to pick from (table not scroll) is handy. My least favorite part is the size of numbers when I "pencil" some into a cell - they are a little small for my old eyes.
I have only played the very first intro game so far but this version seems simple enough to play...
I like most of all the graduated levels of puzzles. This sudoku app is interesting because it is challenging, very little help, no undo or redo that some of the others have. What would be helpful would be separate pencil and number pads, and not covering the game board with the number pad(s) when playing, like some of the other apps.
This is the first time I ever played sudoku in my life this game made so easy for me Im already master in it download it youll be addicted to it thats how much fun it is
I just started playing, the way to put the numbers in the squares is REALLY unnecessarily slow, its annoying and is actually the reason Im not playing this game cuz it is takin more time and therefore Im not getting an accurate time because the game itself is slowing me down.

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